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A complete Industrial Air Solution from Wearside Pneumatics

World-class Universities require world-class equipment, which is why Wearside Pneumatics was tasked with providing an Industrial Air solution to one of the North-East’s most prestigious seats of learning.

The client required a complete compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen system to facilitate research. Wearside Pneumatics provided a complete package which included an Atlas Copco GA18VSD+FF compressor, an air receiver a CD30 Desiccant Dryer, a UD Filter Kit suitable for Class 1 Particulate, a QDT60 Carbon Tower and an OSC95 Oil & Water Separator.

In addition, Wearside Pneumatics supplied An Atlas Copco NGP20+ Nitrogen Generator, Dust Filters for both the Nitrogen Generator and the Carbon Tower and a nitrogen receiver.

The package was then completed with an Atlas Copco GHS900VSD vacuum pump supplied with a Particulate and Moisture Filter.

The Atlas Copco Advantage

The use of best-in-class Atlas Copco Variable Speed Drive equipment enables the end users to carry out their research knowing that all of the gases they are using – whether compressed air or nitrogen – have been filtered to the appropriate level of purity and that the system will only run when demand requires it to. This helps to save energy – particularly when compared with Fixed Speed technology – and reduce the overall lifecycle costs associated with the system.


The equipment was installed in a dedicated plant room, away from the laboratories. Our expert engineers used 40mm Airnet pipework to pipe compressed air through the system and 50mm Airnet for Nitrogen. 80mm uPVC pipework was installed for the vacuum system.

In addition, air drops in 20mm Airnet and lab taps were installed to the client’s specifications.

All installations carried out by Wearside Pneumatics utilise the highest standards of workmanship, but this project was particularly aesthetically pleasing as intelligent use of ceiling voids allowed much of the pipework to be installed out of sight.

Reliable and Durable

This project has delivered an Industrial Air solution which will facilitate research for years to come. By choosing Variable Speed Drive technology, the University has created a system that will cope with changes in demand, maximising both energy-efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, using best-in-class Atlas Copco equipment means they have the peace of mind which comes from choosing reliable and durable machinery with low lifecycle costs.

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