We have been awarded Atlas Copco Distributor of the Year 2018

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A GA45VSD+FF helps Teesside firm slash costs

Wearside Pneumatics has provided an Atlas Copco GA45VSD+FF compressor which helped a manufacturing company in Middlesbrough to reduce their energy consumption by approximately 50%. In addition to reducing carbon emmissions, the new equipment can provide a greater volume of free compressed air for use to production.

The client

Our customer is a business with over 100 years of experience in the fabrication, detailing, manufacture and supply of open steel grating, handrailing, ancillary products and GRP. Their facility was running two aging, fixed speed compressors which between them were consuming 104 Mwh of electricity per annum.

These machines were monitored using our iiTrak Energy Monitoring system as part of our service offer to this client. Using the data collected, we were able to identify a solution for the customer which offered them a significant energy saving, coupled with a machine robust enough to cope with future growth.

The solution

Our team of highly-qualified engineers installed a state-of-the-art Atlas Copco GA45VSD+FF compressor to replace the two older machines. The advantages of a compressor such as this include the industry-leading Variable Speed Drive technology which ensures the compressor only generates compressed air when it is required. Being a Full Feature model, it has integrated air quality equipment including filters and dryers. This simplifies maintenance of the compressed air system as a whole and reduces the lifecycle costs of the equipment.

The result

The Atlas Copco GA45VSD+FF compressor uses approximately half the electricity of the two machine it replaces, meaning that the company will have recouped the cost of the equipment within 24 months. Furthermore, the 45kW motor offers enough power to allow our customer to upgrade their production equipment without having to replace the compressor.

Sales Director of Wearside Pneumatics, Dean Horn, commented: “This kind of project really gets to the heart of our business. Because of the high quality of our service offer, this customer trusted us to deliver the best possible solution for them when they were looking to upgrade their compressed air system. The GA45VSD+FF compressor they have chosen will significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide their production produces as well as costing less to run and maintain.”

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