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Festo DSBC Standard Cylinder

Clever Cushioning! 

Clever cushioning – save time on adjustment:

The new standard cylinder DSBC with the self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning adapts optimally to changes in loads and speed. You save time and increase flexibility, and your process reliability grows. Its many variants, adaptation to ambient conditions and individual design allow it to be used flexibly. DSBx: economic, convenient and reliable.

PPS cushioning The innovative self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning PPS for DSBx saves installation time and makes your production process more flexible. With the ideal cushioning setting at all times, it minimises wear.

PPV cushioning For demanding applications, the well-known powerful pneumatic adjustable cushioning PPV is available – as used in DNC. You can actively adjust this cushioning.

Powerful 3K piston Compared with DNC, it can absorb an approx. 5 times higher cushioning energy in the end position. That protects your machines and saves you money!

Long service life The sealed A3 dry run version ensures lubricant-free operation – when the lubrication fails.

Reliability Proven components for high volumes



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