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More air for less money thanks to Wearside Pneumatics

Wearside Pneumatics Ltd has helped a manufacturing facility in Hartlepool to save almost £30,000 in annual energy costs whilst also increasing the amount of compressed air available for production.


Our engineers used iiTrak Energy Monitoring equipment to identify that their existing compressed air system required upgrading due to the energy efficiency and the age/condition of the equipment.


Our proposal therefore was to replace the existing Ingersoll Rand N55 variable speed and Compair 6100 fixed speed air compressors with an Atlas Copco GA75VSD+ variable speed and Atlas Copco GA75 fixed speed air compressor as a more energy efficient solution which would also be able to deal with the increases in compressed air demand due to increased production on site.


The ancillary compressed air equipment was also replaced meaning that the project also included an Atlas Copco 2000 litre vertical air receiver, Atlas Copco FX18 refrigerant air dryer and Atlas Copco UD550+ dual high efficiency coalescing line filter.


Additional energy savings were also identified by relocating the existing Ingersoll Rand N55 variable speed air compressor which was no longer required for the main compressed air system. This enabled the N55 to supply the compressed air demand of a separate 10 bar compressed air system instead of the Boge S75 fixed speed air compressor that was in situ; this showed significant additional energy saving by increasing the energy efficiency of the 10 bar system.


Here are some photos of the completed installation:



Project Results

By replacing the existing compressed air equipment, our customer was able to achieve the following:

  • A reduction in a combined annual energy consumption from the air compressors of 294 MWh – consumption was reduced from 978 MWh to 684 MWh.
  • An annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 154,654kg.
  • This in turn achieved a combined annual energy cost saving of £29,346.00.


Return on Investment

The total cost to supply, install and commission this equipment including pipe work and ventilation was £66,180.00 + VAT based on the energy savings the new installation is able to achieve the new equipment will pay for itself in just over two years.


We would expect the air compressors to have a minimum lifespan of 7-10 years meaning that our customer will see a significant return on their purchase over the life of the equipment. They also have the reassurance of an Altas Cocpo Guardian maintenance contract with includes a 7 year extended manufacturer’s warranty on the air compressors.


Wearside Pneumatics is helping businesses of all kinds to reduce their environmental impact whilst simultaneously boosting production. To find out how we could help you, call us on 0191 487 9242 or send us a message.

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